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It's a Sign! Pennies...

Signs come to us from our spirit loved ones in many ways. I remember hearing a story about a little boy who had cancer. His family created a mini golf course in their back yard so he could have fun while he was still feeling okay. He used a penny for a ball marker when he played with others. After he died, his family said that they were finding pennies in different places in their home. "Pennies From Heaven," just like the song.

Richard, my husband, and I started to find them after his brother Ed died and there they were in front of the liquor store! Well, it would become my turn to find them after Richard passed away. I found one on the driver's seat in his car after I returned to it after doing an errand. I found one while pumping gasoline into his car, which I drove after his passing. I started to find them in the convenience store where he liked to buy coffee. My parents started to find them in their home and even my pragmatic father had to admit something was going on.

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